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Amethyst (Mini Spheres)

Amethyst (Mini Spheres)

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*Your crystal(s) will be intuitively chosen 

*All crystals are photographed using natural sunlight.

  • Calming Energy
  • Alleviates Stress
  • Protection
  • Emotional Healing

Amethyst - A natural tranquilizer that transmits energy into love. Supports sobriety by clearing blockages of all kinds to see other realities. Helps with cellular disorders, skin conditions, as well as lung and respiratory issues. Boosts the production of hormones and tunes your metabolism. It enhances memory as well as focusing all thoughts that might be scattered. It supports coming to terms with loss by alleviating anger and pain.

Chakra |  Crown

Zodiac | Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius, & Virgo



*This is a natural product & might have naturally occurring cracks, holes, fractures, blemishes, etc. But not always.

This item is not intended to diagnose or treat any mental or physical diseases. Crystals are an addition to treatment, not an alternative. Contact a medical professional when needed.

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