Collection: Moss Agate

Attracts Wealth & Abundance
Amazing for Plants
Brings you closer to Mother Nature
Promotes Success
Healing Illness & Infections
Moss Agate - A stone of power, wealth, and abundance! Great for new chapters in life; said to refresh the soul. A birthing crystal useful with pregnant women for smooth deliveries. Lessens fears and helps with depressive thoughts or brain imbalances. A true healer, this stone speeds up the recovery process in things such as colds, dehydration, and high fevers. It promotes communication and self expression allowing you to exist authentically. Plant parents & newbies will want to get your hands on a couple pieces to bring the feel of mother nature into the surrounding area. Moss Agate promotes success in all areas of your life. Grab a piece, attain its power, and use it for what most serves you.
Chakra | Root & Heart
Zodiac | Virgo