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Blue Calcite (Raw)

Blue Calcite (Raw)

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*All crystals are photographed using natural sunlight.

*Your crystal(s) will be intuitively chosen 

  • Calms Emotions & Moods
  • Better Intuition
  • Organizes your thoughts
  • Absorbs and Cleanses Energy

Blue Calcite - Use this stone if you want to have better communication with yourself and others. It lowers your blood pressure which instantly calms you down. This stone works well in aiding those with depression. It instantly eases self-inflected pain and stress. It organizes thoughts in order to see situations in a new perspective. Blue Calcite is great at absorbing and cleansing energy. A great stone for students who typically have a stressful time trying to learn so much at once. It allows you to communicate your thoughts, as well as calming you from the nerves you might get about talking to others.

Chakra | Throat

Zodiac | Cancer & Pisces

*This is a natural product & might have naturally occurring cracks, holes, fractures, blemishes, etc. But not always.

This item is not intended to diagnose or treat any mental or physical diseases. Crystals are not an alternative to treatment. Contact a medical professional when needed.

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