Collection: Malachite

Absorbs & Blocks Negativity
Money Magnet
New Beginnings
Self-Confidence & Leadership
Good for Travelers
Strengthens Immune System
Malachite - The beautiful bright greens come from copper within this crystal. The bands show how each individual layer grew. This crystal is said to bring extreme luck and wealth the moment it comes into your life! It is a powerful stone to take on any issues you've been avoiding. Unlike most crystals that emit energy, this one absorbs negativity and filters your environment (EMF). The perfect stone for travelers who are always in contact with air pollution, scanners, crowded spaces, etc. This crystal is supportive during any transformational period in your life. If you're ready for its power, take the chance and become the best version of yourself! Useful in bettering your immune system and flushing your body of toxins. 
*Remember, because it consistently absorbs negative energy, you must cleanse it often! Try keeping it on or near some Selenite, or a bit of smoke cleansing from time to time.
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