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Rhodonite Heart (No. 2)

Rhodonite Heart (No. 2)

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  • Self-Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Balancing
  • Fitness Energy
  • Positivity

Rhodonite - An amazing crystal to get you in tune with humanity and true love. Love is about appreciation and not possession. As well as aiding in finding love, this stone can help during a break up to learn the necessary lessons and be whole once again. This stone balances yin-yang and allows us to reach our highest potential. Rhodonite is great for silencing our inner saboteur and any other negativity we feel towards ourselves. This crystal is great for forgiveness and turning back insults. Surprisingly, it's been used by many to stimulate energy flow through exercise. It can give you the tiny push you've been needing.

Chakra | Heart & Root

Zodiac | Taurus & Cancer

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