Crystal Glossary

This is a list of the benefits, uses, zodiac connection & so much more of all the crystals we sell.

The crystals are in alphabetical order. Enjoy!

Agate - Agate is said to improve our ability to focus. This crystal balances the mood and aura. It resets the Root Chakra in order to align the rest of the body. Very calming and soothing energy. Keeps you grounded during chaotic life decisions and situations. Said to ward off bad energy and spirits when given the intention. Agate is going to give you the confidence to say what you really mean. It will give you an openness with communication in order to invite opportunities that better serve you.

Chakra | Sacral & Root

Zodiac | Gemini, Taurus, & Leo


Amazonite - Emits the most serene energy, bringing harmony to each part of your life. This stone helps you find balance within all your relationships to make sure you benefit from what serves you. It can protect you from external influences, as well as any type of pollution (gas, electronics, spiritual). Amazonite reduces inflammation tremendously, so try setting this on a corresponding part of the body. This crystal makes sure our actions are effective and takes us out of victim mentality. Take back control of your life! It’s amazing for homes and bringing harmonious energies, leaving a peaceful environment. It connects you with mother nature and helps all plant babies flourish! A super lucky stone, just remember to set those intentions! This is the ultimate stone to ease stress. *In ancient times, Amazonite was used for: amulets in Egypt, artifacts in northern India, and jewelry in Ecuador.

Chakra | Throat & Heart

Zodiac | Aquarius & Virgo


Amethyst - A natural tranquilizer that transmits energy into love. Supports sobriety by clearing blockages of all kinds to see other realities. Helps with cellular disorders, skin conditions, as well as lung and respiratory issues. Boosts the production of hormones and tunes your metabolism. It enhances memory as well as focusing all thoughts that might be scattered. It supports coming to terms with loss by alleviating anger and pain.

Chakra |  Crown

Zodiac | Aquarius, Pisces, Capricorn, Sagittarius, & Virgo


Angelite - Known as a calming stone that can help alleviate overwhelming emotions. This crystal connects you to higher beings and angels. Angelite also aids with loss. It heals our heart of any pain it has endured. Simply holding a piece will induce a soothing sensation that slowly works its way throughout the body. Carrying a piece of Angelite daily will increase your aura with calming vibrations that can block negativity that comes your way.

Chakra | Throat, Third-Eye, & Crown

Zodiac | Aquarius, Pisces & Taurus


Aquamarine - This crystal helps with communication and self-expression. You have to say what you mean and do what you mean. There is nothing more important than being your authentic self and speaking your truth. This stone releases any attachment that is holding you back and no longer supporting you. It helps free our path of toxic beliefs and fears in order to discover every part of ourselves. Aquamarine takes away any expectations we have either set on ourselves or by family or social media, so we can express honestly. A protection stone when used around water: fishing, swimming, surfing, etc.

Chakra | Throat

Zodiac | Pisces, Aries, & Gemini


Black Obsidian - One of the most protective and grounding stones known to man! Obsidian is said to remove negative forces of energy at such a fast pace! It's great for introspective work. Helps us find out the true causes of our pain and emotions. Why are we feeling the way we are? Great for working with past traumas as well as current loss or heartbreak. This crystal protects against new negativity headed towards you. It allows us to expand our consciousness and understandings of the world. 

Chakra | Root & Solar Plexus

Zodiac | Sagittarius, Scorpio, & Capricorn


Black Tourmaline - The black protector. Amazing at blocking EMF, radiation, and negative energy of all kinds. Extremely beneficial for the garden and plants. A powerful mental healer; it aids in understanding oneself and others. It helps banish any feeling of being a victim and attracts inspiration, compassion, and tolerance. An amazing grounding and healing stone. Great for enhancing energies and removing blockages. Black Tourmaline releases tension, which is great for the spine and anyone who is regularly active. *Stoner friends can benefit from Tourmaline, as it aids with paranoia & dyslexia.

Chakra | Root

Zodiac | Capricorn


Bloodstone - A blood cleanser and powerful healer. Great for feeling calm and stable during chaos. It heightens intuition and stimulates dreams. This crystal counters feelings of anger, jealousy, and bitterness. Holding it revitalizes your self power. It helps us work selflessly and stay in the present moment. If you are mentally exhausted and confused, working with bloodstone defines our authentic self in order to make better decisions. This crystal helps relieve pain and gives a small boost of energy. Working with bloodstone promotes courage and confidence in public speaking. It enables mental clarity and promotes the ability to turn concrete plans into action.

Chakra | Root

Zodiac | Aries, Libra, & Pisces


Blue Calcite - This crystal is very helpful when dealing with emotional healing. This beautiful stone allows for perfect and clear communication between ourselves and others. Blue Calcite is an extremely guarding stone by redirecting negative energies that might be near or directed at you. Blue Calcite is very gentle and can allow ourselves to reset completely. Sometimes we need to just stop, breathe, and start over. This stone helps lower blood pressure with the serene energy it provides.

Chakra | Throat & Third-Eye

Zodiac | Aquarius & Pisces


Blue Lace Agate - This crystal strengthens our relationship the guides in our life. It helps us receive information and be vocal about our honest opinions and feelings. It counteracts fears of doubt, rejection, and being judged. If you feel suffocated -like you haven't been able to get out what it is you're really trying to say- this crystal will connect to your throat chakra and fix any communication issues you might be experiencing. Blue Lace is an extremely supportive stone that is there to remind us that we are not alone; If we voice our wants and needs clearly, we will receive the help we need. It removes any mental and vocal blockages. Working with this crystal keeps negative thoughts away.

Chakra | Throat

Zodiac | Taurus, Pisces, & Gemini


Bumblebee Jasper - Bumblebee Jasper brings a warm light to your being instantly when coming in contact with it. This crystal promotes creativity & new ideas at an intense rate! Having a piece in your workspace can help thoughts flow more freely & concentrated. This stone helps you maintain a positive and upbeat attitude through the daily stresses of life, while encouraging you to continue your own spiritual evolution. Bumblebee Jasper encourages you to do what brings you true happiness. Allows us to take in each moment and appreciate what we already have in order to receive more of what we deserve.

Chakra | Sacral & Solar Plexus

Zodiac | Leo, Sagittarius, & Gemini


Caribbean Calcite - An extremely calming stone that soothes your body almost instantly when coming in contact with it. it is a combination of Blue Calcite & Aragonite. This crystal is for anyone who is starting/looking to start a new chapter in their life. This stone aides in renewal and new beginnings. Caribbean Calcite encourages us to live in the present moment. This stone helps slow down our racing minds in order to make truthful decisions that will ultimately benefit us and others altogether.

Chakra | Throat & Third-Eye

Zodiac | Aquarius, Pisces & Cancer


Carnelian - The Artist's Stone. Amazing for creatives & anyone who wants some excitement in their life. It calms angry thoughts, replacing them with a love of life. Useful in overcoming any kind of abuse by giving you every bit of courage you need. An instant boost of energy. If you feel like you've been stuck in some sort of block (physically, mentally, spiritually), this will take you out of it and help move you forward. Great for workspaces as it stimulates new ideas. The warmth it brings shows you that you can produce more. There are doors, just say "yes" and open them.

Chakra | Sacral & Solar Plexus

Zodiac | Virgo, Cancer, Aries, Sagittarius & Leo


Desert Rose (Selenite) - This crystal rewires any self-made habits that are harming us. Desert Rose is a great aide in dealing with addiction because of its ability to help us break old habits or patterns that do not result in things that benefit us. This Selenite is extremely helpful when setting new intentions in your life. *One of the many forms of Selenite. Chemically they are all the same, but they each GREW differently. 

Chakra | Root & Crown

Zodiac | Cancer, Aquarius, Capricorn, Scorpio, & Taurus


Fluorite - The stone of order and learning! If you're feeling sort of ‘meh’ in life, this will rebalance your whole energy set. If you have something to keep in order and on track, this stone can help you multitask and reach your full potential. Helps us absorb information. Great for students and anyone who needs to retain and remember information. Think about finals week, or lines you have to memorize if you’re an actor! We can never learn stop learning, which is why this crystal is perfect for absolutely everyone. *Rainbow Fluorite combines all the shades of Fluorite (Green, Blue, Purple, & Clear) which in return clears all the chakras and aligns your energy fields.

Chakra | Third-Eye

Zodiac | Capricorn & Pisces


Honey Calcite - The crystal of extreme courage! It is super cleansing, which makes it great when changing living, work, or mental spaces. If you are setting any intentions, this crystal is an energy booster. This helps amplify the confidence within us to do whatever we truly want to do. This stone is useful for leaders by helping you overcome obstacles. If you've lost motivation for a project or business venture, this stone will reinvigorate your passion. No time for fears and doubts when you're focused on your goals. Honey calcite supports determination and brings hope.

Chakra | Crown, Sacral, & Solar Plexus

Zodiac | Pisces, Cancer, & Leo


Lapis Lazuli - This crystal teaches the power of spoken word and harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It encourages taking charge of our lives by reaching a deep self awareness of who and what we are, and what we want. Helps you confront truth in any place you find it by accepting what it is teaching. By helping discover our true voice, we bond friendships and relationships by love an expression of feelings and emotions. If you want to do well in an audition or job interview, Carry a small piece to boost creativity and center your focus. *This stone recognizes psychic attacks, blocks it and returns the energy back to its source.

Chakra | Throat & Third-Eye

Zodiac | Taurus, Sagittarius, Libra, & Virgo


Lepidolite - The stone of transformation and transition. One of the strongest stones to relieve stress and tension. This crystal is extremely cleansing therefore making it useful if you come in contact with toxic environments, people, or situations. Major life changes can be stressful and working with Lepidolite will ease any bad vibrations you’re producing. Amazing for people starting their own business because they calmly guides you through life changing decisions. It alleviates heaviness allowing for a more elevated spirit. The purple color comes from lithium which is medically used to treat bipolar disorder and depression, so working with this stone can similarly assist in settling uneven thoughts. After encountering it, you will feel optimistic and uplifted. 

Chakra | Heart, Third-Eye, Crown, Throat

Zodiac | Libra


Malachite - The beautiful bright greens come from copper within this crystal. The bands show how each individual layer grew. It is a powerful stone to take on any issues you've been avoiding. Unlike most crystals that emit energy, this one absorbs negativity and filters your environment (EMF). The perfect stone for travelers who are always in contact with air pollution, scanners, crowded spaces, etc. But remember that since it clears all negative energy constantly, you must cleanse it often! Try keeping it on or near some Selenite, or a bit of smoke cleansing from time to time. This crystal is extremely supportive during any transformational period in your life. If you're ready for its power, take the chance and become the best version of yourself!

Chakra | Heart

Zodiac | Sagittarius, Capricorn, & Scorpio


Mookaite Jasper - The stone of new experiences and adventure! With this crystal, we make better decisions by trusting our intuition. It allows you to see all the possibilities and choose the one that best serves you. It removes any fears you might have around change. This crystal encourages versatility…which, who doesn't love? Amazing for building a relationship with the earth. Mookaite is great for traveling, as it grounds you and gives you a sense of security and safety. This stone allows us to be less judgmental about things we might not understand yet because it is the differences that make our world so beautiful.

Chakra | Root

Zodiac | Scorpio & Virgo


Moss Agate - A stone of power wealth and abundance! Great for new chapters in life; said to refresh the soul. A birthing crystal useful with pregnant women for smooth deliveries. Lessens fears and helps with depressive thoughts or brain imbalances. A true healer, this stone speeds up the recovery process in things such as colds, dehydration, and high fevers. It promotes communication and self expression allowing you to exist authentically. Plant parents & newbies will want to get your hands on a couple pieces to bring the feel of mother nature into the surrounding area. Moss Agate promotes success in all areas of your life. Grab a piece, attain its power, and use it for what most serves you.

Chakra | Root & Heart

Zodiac | Virgo


Peach Moonstone - A stone of tranquility and serenity. Holding a piece of this crystal instantly puts you in a happier state of mind. It is extremely helpful for anyone dealing with self image issues by allowing us to fall in love with ourselves all over again. Brings an instant bright energy to you. Great for realizing our self-worth and allowing ourselves to not take things personally. It relieves anxiety which can helpful for almost anyone with an overactive mind. Peach moonstone can be useful to work with if you suffer from insomnia, as it creates beneficial dreams.

Chakra | Sacral & Third-Eye

Zodiac | Libra, Cancer, & Scorpio


Pink Tourmaline - A passion and love stone that breaks barriers keeping us apart. Brings joy to your life by allowing us to give and receive energy honestly. You cannot change others, and this stone reminds you that you are your main focus. You cannot conform your love for others and this stone helps the universe understand your intentions. Grudges and hate only hurt ourselves and this crystal allows us to forgive and forget. Remember that you do things for yourself and no one else. But when you love yourself, you can give your all to others! High in lithium, which can be soothing on our emotions. Great for increasing the sex drive… which can always help!

Chakra | Heart & Root

Zodiac | Sagittarius & Libra


Polychrome Jasper - This crystal strengthens our connection to the earth and other beings. It is extremely soothing adding stability in your life. You normally always get a warm feeling when working with this crystal. It's a huge talisman for manifestations. Brings a feeling of security because it is a supreme nurturer. Great at controlling anger and impatience. It will enhance the connection to your spiritual and physical lives. It's believed to boost immunity as well as ridding your body of toxins and pollutants. By strengthening optimism, abundance can easily be accessed…inspiring you to turn dreams into reality. 

Chakra | Root

Zodiac | Leo & Aries


Prehnite - Prehnite lets us lead with love instead of with our egoic mind. This crystal can guide you to the “other side” if your life seems surrounded by darkness. In most cases, the process is necessary, but it will help us send us to a higher state of being. You don't have to go through things alone, ask for help and more times than less it will be there. Prehnite helps in decluttering your physical and mental spaces, which simplifies your thoughts. Promotes self-motivation to focus on passions and desires. This stone works at its max worth in desert environments.

Chakra | Heart

Zodiac | Virgo, Leo, & Libra


Purple Fluorite - Great for people who are generally indecisive. Purple Fluorite helps us make decisions that are honest to who we are want to be. This crystal keeps us in touch with our physical and spiritual beings. This stone realigns our auras and brings us back to a natural balanced state. Allows us to recognize negative outside forces to help dodge manipulation. Purple Fluorite is great for enhancing intuition and focus, allowing for increased mental capacity. This crystal promotes creativity & a new sense of inspiration if one’s life.

Chakra | Crown & Third-Eye

Zodiac | Pisces & Capricorn


Pyrite - Radiates optimistic and cheerful energy that is also solid and grounding. It's sometime's  nicknamed "Fool's Gold" because it's oftentimes mistaken for Gold. This crystal is great for people who need a motivation boost to get things done. Pyrite is one of the most powerful crystals if you want to attract money into your life as it brings good fortune and prosperity. This crystal encourages new ways of thinking in order to get yourself out of the constant routine you've been stuck in. Take charge of your life thoughts with Pyrite!

Chakra | Root & Solar Plexus

Zodiac | Leo


Rainbow Fluorite - INSTANT BOOST OF MOTIVATION! This crystal realigns all of our chakras and auras. The rainbow connects it to every chakra and gives us the most complete feeling of serenity. Rainbow Fluorite allows us to find trust in ourselves and others again. Promotes concentration & allows us to see harmful energies coming our way in order to redirect it from us. Rainbow Fluorite allows us to be as creative as we possibly can. Try grabbing a piece for your workspace!

Chakra | ALL

Zodiac | Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, & Cancer


Rhodonite - An amazing crystal to get you in tune with humanity and true love. Love is about appreciation and not possession. As well as aiding in finding love, this stone can help during a break up to learn the necessary lessons from it and be whole once again. This stone balances yin-yang and allows us to reach our highest potential. Rhodonite is great for silencing our inner saboteur and any other negativity we feel towards ourselves. This crystal is great for forgiveness and turning back insults. It brings intuitive guidance during dangerous or upsetting situations.

Chakra | Heart

Zodiac | Taurus & Cancer


Rose Quartz - The stone of unconditional love. It activates the heart chakra, breaking down barriers to receive love and give to others. Rose Quartz sedates energy, relieving frustration. If you're an impatient person, this stone will help calm your emotions and have compassion for all. An excellent crystal for midlife crises and people needing to figure out what they really want in life. Extremely useful in dealing with grief. It encourages self forgiveness and acceptance. And… if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?!

Chakra | Heart

Zodiac | Aries, Libra, Taurus, & Scorpio


Ruby in Kyanite - This crystal promotes courage and a soft sense on leadership. Another Yin & Yang stone connecting multiple chakras. Ruby is extremely protective, used by royals. They will amplify any intentions set with it. Talk to this stone: “I rid myself of what does not serve me; I am ready to take on life.” Great for physical strength, so Jim heads, here you go! Helps form intimate relationships with others or situation is needing attention. Great for public speaking and concentration. It instantly calms the body and mind which is helpful for anyone having trouble sleeping.

Chakra | Root & Throat

Zodiac | Pisces, Cancer, & Sagittarius


Selenite - This is an ancient stone and one of the most powerful crystals for the new vibration on earth. Selenite is the most famous self-cleansing crystal. Placing it around areas will create a safe and quiet space. It enhances telepathy and keeps away any unwanted outer influences. If something feels confusing, this crystal gives you insight to see the bigger picture. Amazing for new or upcoming parents. A very grounding and nurturing crystal.

Here are different kinds of Selenite; Chemically they are all the same, but they each GREW differently.

Satin Spar: has a very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind by accessing angelic consciousness and guidance.

Peach Satin Spar Selenite: This crystal is amazing for new beginnings by attracting energies and frequencies that will best serve you. A stone of transformation. It gives mental clarity and allows us to be more open and optimistic. 

Golden Phantom Fish Tail: powerful stabilizing energy diffuses any tension in the nerves. It's extremely healing both mentally and spiritually.

Desert Rose: requires any self-made habits that are harming us. Great for beating addiction and breaking old patterns.

Chakra | Crown, Root, Third-Eye

Zodiac | Cancer, Aquarius, Taurus, Capricorn, & Scorpio


Septarian - The stone of the purest wisdom. Great for breaking toxic patterns and learning from our past mistakes. If you feel like something is always stopping you from moving forward in life, working with Septarian will help you deal with resolving karmic attachments. It will help you feel extremely grounded by bonding you with mother nature. Great for people who love outdoors; Meditating with this stone on a hike will give you the deepest breath of fresh air. Extremely warm and comforting. Amazing for private people and ones who want to focus on themselves a bit more.

Chakra | Root

Zodiac | Taurus & Gemini


Sodalite - encourages complete authenticity and clear communication. Promotes nonviolent communication between ourselves and others. This stone is great for teachers who have an idea and need to process it in order to gift others. Amazing for uniting communities by voicing thoughts that can be understood by all. Great for people with high anxiety or occasional panic attacks by helping restructure mental order. Helps you work well with others and benefits everyone nearby. Helps with the respiratory system, allowing us to breathe.

Chakra | Throat & Third-Eye

Zodiac |  Sagittarius & Virgo


Smoky Quartz - Extremely grounding and brings our focus to the present moment. Smoky Quartz is amazing at relieving stress and anxiety. In the body it can ease cramps, nerves, and muscle spasms. Collects negative energy and redirects it into positive. Through history it's been used toward against darkness and wandering spirits. If you feel bad vibes, this is your answer for clarity and insight. Because of it's ability to dispel negative thinking, it's useful in big business deals, tough conversations, and group projects. Amazing for protecting against EMF in areas and workspaces. Helps accept our physical body and our sexual nature, allowing passion to flow naturally.

Chakra | Root & Solar Plexus

Zodiac | Sagittarius, Scorpio, & Capricorn


Sunstone - It instills “joie de vivre (joy of living).” I light to help restore life’s sweetness. By bringing in tons of light and energy, it can clear all chakras. If something or someone has a draining effect on your energy -whether mentally or emotionally- this stone is great for unhooking them from you. Reverses feelings of failure and increases self-worth and confidence. Overcomes procrastination and can act as an antidepressant by lifting dark moods. If you regularly make sacrifices and excuses for others with difficulty saying no, Sunstone removes any self-doubt. Good for singers helping with sore throat's and chronic throat issues. 

Chakra | Sacral & Solar Plexus

Zodiac | Leo, Virgo, & Libra


Tourmalated Quartz - Amazing for clearing darkness from your life. This is a talisman that will bring you instant clarity when holding it. Amplifies yin & yang, bringing two crystals together. A really good luck charm by ending destructive patterns that we subconsciously do. Answering the constant question, “why does this always happen to me?” This crystal rebalances all chakras and energy fields. The clear quartz amplifies the protective and grounding energy of Tourmaline. Great for anyone going through a high stress situation because it clears anything that doesn't serve your being. Make sure to cleanse and charge these often, as they do absorb negative energy at such a fast rate!

Chakra | Third-Eye

Zodiac | Capricorn, Libra, & Scorpio