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Rainbow Fluorite (Large Moon)

Rainbow Fluorite (Large Moon)

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Fluorite - the stone of order and learning! If you're feeling sort of ‘meh’ in life, this will rebalance your whole energy set. If you have something to keep in order and on track, this stone can help you multitask and reach your full potential. Helps us absorb information. Great for students and anyone who needs to retain and remember information. Think about finals week, or lines you have to memorize if you’re an actor! We can never learn stop learning, which is why this crystal is perfect for absolutely everyone. *Rainbow Fluorite combines all the shades of Fluorite (Green, Blue, Purple, & Clear) which in return clears all the chakras and aligns your energy fields.

Chakra | Third-Eye

Zodiac | Capricorn & Pisces

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