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Clear Quartz (Towers)

Clear Quartz (Towers)

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  • Healing
  • Mental Clarity
  • Transformation
  • Clearing & Cleansing

    Clear Quartz - One of the most abundant and essential crystals on this planet! You can find Quartz in things like TVs, watches, clocks, and the very device you're using! It's a master healer and energy enhancer. It can strengthen the energy of all colored crystals and clear them of any stagnant energy. Clear Quartz is a limitless crystal that amplifies all forms of manifestations: affirmations, visualizations, thoughts, and feelings.

    Chakra(s): ALL

    Zodiac(s): ALL


    A.) 2 inches tall

    B.) 2.25 inches tall

    C.) 3.25 inches tall

    D.) 2.5 inches tall (tiny fracture near tip)

    E.) 3.25 inches tall

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