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Purple Fluorite Point (No.1) (Extra High Quality)

Purple Fluorite Point (No.1) (Extra High Quality)

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*This is the exact crystal you will receive

*All crystals are photographed using natural sunlight.

Purple Fluorite - Great for people who are generally indecisive. Purple Fluorite helps us make decisions that are honest to who we are want to be. This crystal keeps us in touch with our physical and spiritual beings. This stone realigns our auras and brings us back to a natural balanced state. Allows us to recognize negative outside forces to help dodge manipulation. Purple Fluorite is great for enhancing intuition and focus, allowing for increased mental capacity. This crystal promotes creativity & a new sense of inspiration if one’s life.

Chakra | Crown & Third-Eye

Zodiac | Pisces & Capricorn

Approx. 4 1/2 inches tall & 1 3/4 inch wide

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