Collection: Amazonite

Stress Relief
Removes Pollution (Electronic, Spiritual, etc.)
Reduces Inflammation
Gets us out of Victim Mentality
A Good Luck Stone
Amazonite - Emits the most serene energy, bringing harmony to each part of your life. This stone helps you find balance within all your relationships. It can protect you from external influences, as well as any type of pollution (gas, electronics, spiritual). Amazonite reduces inflammation tremendously; try setting this on the affected area on the body.
This crystal makes sure our actions are effective and takes us out of victim mentality. Take back control of your life!
It’s amazing for homes and bringing harmonious energies, leaving a peaceful environment. It connects you with mother nature and helps all plant babies flourish! A super lucky stone, just remember to set those intentions! This is one of the ultimate stones to ease stress.
*In ancient times, Amazonite was used for: amulets in Egypt, artifacts in northern India, and jewelry in Ecuador.
Chakra | Throat & Heart
Zodiac | Aquarius & Virgo