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Sodalite Mini Spheres

Sodalite Mini Spheres

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  • Calms Panic Attacks
  • Better Communication skills
  • Stress Relief
  • Respiratory Issues

Sodalite - encourages complete authenticity and clear communication. Promotes nonviolent communication between ourselves and others. This stone is great for teachers who have an idea and need to process it in order to gift others. Amazing for uniting communities by voicing thoughts that can be understood by all. Great for people with high anxiety or occasional panic attacks by helping restructure mental order. Helps you work well with others and benefits everyone nearby. Helps with the respiratory system, allowing us to breathe.

Chakra | Throat & Third-Eye

Zodiac |  Sagittarius & Virgo


*This is a natural product & might have naturally occurring cracks, holes, fractures, blemishes, etc. But not always.

This item is not intended to diagnose or treat any mental or physical diseases. Crystals are not an alternative to treatment. Contact a medical professional when needed.

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