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Green Calcite (Raw)

Green Calcite (Raw)

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*Your crystal(s) will be intuitively chosen 

*All crystals are photographed using natural sunlight.

  • Balances Moods & Emotions
  • Heals broken hearts
  • Attracts Wealth
  • Boosts Compassion & Forgiveness
  • Alleviates Stress & Anger

Green Calcite - Green Calcite is known to be great at healing wounded hearts and emotions. Working with this crystals instantly balances your aura and chakras to allow for complete serenity. It alleviates stress caused by our own minds. Releases negativity. Opens the heart to pure love. This crystal helps with broken hearts. It allows us to dig deep into our emotions in order to be at peace with them. It has been said that Green Calcite attracts wealth and prosperity into your life at fast rates! Green Calcite brings mental clarity which allows us to make better decisions.

Chakra | Heart

Zodiac | Cancer & Virgo


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