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Lepidolite (Cube Tumbles)

Lepidolite (Cube Tumbles)

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*Your crystal(s) will be intuitively chosen

*All crystals have been photographed using natural sunlight.

Benefits & Uses:

  • A Stone of Transformation
  • New Beginnings
  • Alleviates Stress & Tension
  • Self-Cleansing
  • Calms Mood & Anxiety

Lepidolite - The stone of transformation and transition. One of the strongest stones to relieve stress and tension. This crystal is extremely cleansing therefore making it useful if you come in contact with toxic environments, people, or situations. Major life changes can be stressful and working with Lepidolite will ease any bad vibrations you’re producing. Amazing for people starting their own business because they calmly guides you through life changing decisions. It alleviates heaviness allowing for a more elevated spirit. The purple color comes from lithium which is medically used to treat bipolar disorder and depression, so working with this stone can similarly assist in settling uneven thoughts. After encountering it, you will feel optimistic and uplifted. 

Chakra | Heart, Third-Eye, Crown, Throat

Zodiac | Libra


*This is a natural product & this specific product might have naturally occurring cracks, holes, fractures, blemishes, etc. But not always.

This item is not intended to diagnose or treat any mental or physical diseases. Crystals are an addition to treatment. Contact a medical professional when needed.

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