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Self Care (Bundle)

Self Care (Bundle)

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*You will receive each type of crystal pictured, but they will be intuitively chosen 


  • Raw Picasso Jasper
  • Amethyst Tumble
  • 2 Smoky Quartz Mini Spheres
  • Clear Quartz Heart
  • Angelite Tumble

"Self Care" encourages you to stop, drop, & love yourself. Sometimes we have to reflect deeply in order to find the true reasons why we feel unloved. Many times when it feels like you VS. the world, it's probably just you VS. you. Be gentle with yourself, breathe, and regain control of your happiness. This bundle reminds you how to put yourself first in order to move forward in life. Self-love is key here ♥

Picasso Jasper - Promotes deep inner clarity

Amethyst - Alleviates stress, anger, & self inflicted pain.

Angelite - Connects you with angels and to your higher consciousness.

Smoky Quartz - Protects the body's aura from negativity.

Clear Quartz - Energy Enhancer, which will enhance the energy of every other crystal.

*Your crystals will be intuitively chosen ツ 

 *This is a natural product and might have naturally occurring cracks, holes, fractures, or blemishes. Unless stated to be a perfect carving.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not to substitute any advice, treatment or programs from a licensed medical professional. Crystals can only be an addition, not an alternative. Contact a medical professional when needed.
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